Environmental, social, and governance metrics are no longer a “nice to have” in corporate management; instead, they are an essential input for leaders to consider in every company decision.

Traditionally, gathering this information has been the responsibility of tireless corporate sustainability or CSR teams, who have been tasked with measuring and analyzing ESG metrics, as well as developing initiatives to reduce externalities and create positive impacts for company stakeholders – particularly in the area of the environment.

However, it’s becoming increasingly evident that accountability for ESG practices – and the management of relevant data – must be ingrained across all levels of the organization.

In this article posted on GreenBiz, Matthew Sekol (Industry Executive, US Capital Markets at Microsoft), Lavanya Rajaramkumar (Director Strategic Initiatives at NIMBL) and Irene Alarcó (Senior Analyst at ESGeo) highlight the importance of ESG digital governance and show through Prysmian Group’s example on how a solid ESG Identity is based on high quality, reliable and traceable data.

Read the deep analysis of the writers here and find how to drive a sustainable and long-term growth!