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We believe that ESG reporting should be simple and integrated with business strategy to achieve maximum results!

  • We are committed to creating value for our customers no matter where they are in their sustainability journey.

  • ESGeo simplifies integrated ESG reporting for financial and non-financial performance.

  • Track performance of ESG programs, manage material issues and goals and take timely action.

  • Improve business performance and innovate.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement includes identifying material topics for industry benchmarking and regulator requirements, defining stakeholder clusters and stakeholders maps. Direct surveys to gather feedback that can then be used in initiatives for continuous engagement and calibrating on materiality models.

Sustainability Reporting

ESGeo combines data transparency with analytical power that drives your business forward, ensuring success as well as compliance with standards such as GRI, SASB and Sustainability frameworks. ESGeo’s powerful dashboard provides a tailored system to reconcile environmental and social risks and opportunities on the company’s strategy and ESG issues, monitoring trends in real-time are what lies ahead for the future of sustainability reporting.

Supply Chain Due-Diligence

ESGeo for supply chain due diligence and management quickly links supplier sustainability to Impact KPIs. Quantify your suppliers’ social risk exposure so that you can make informed decisions about their future sustainability rank. Manage and optimize a sustainable supply portfolio during these dynamic times of various changes in legislation!

GHG Emissions

ESGeo helps to calculate your GHG emissions. It’s fast, accurate, it will help you to measure your organization’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while eliminating missed opportunities. ESGeo has up-to-date emission factors.

Disclosure Management

Create sustainability reports, ensure data consistency, quickly generate documents in PDF, PowerPoint, or Word to show off your sustainability initiatives internally and externally.

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Active management of non-financial KPIs and direct involvement of corporate management become key variables for the competitiveness and survival of business. ESGeo is the technology platform able to cover the end-to-end process of corporate sustainability.

Fabrizio Fiocchi, ESGeo CEO & Co-Founder

ESG Digital Governance is the new frontier for Corporate Sustainability management. Only an integrated digital system allows the efficient and effective management of a growing set of variables such as ESG data, which makes companies able to be valued by their stakeholders.

Luca Testoni, ETica News Director & Co-Founder

More and more every company will be required to provide our stakeholders with high quality data about our commitments on sustainability. This is possible thanks to a solid digital platform that collects all the inputs from the different internal and external stakeholders, and builds a consistent validation flow.

Alessandra Miata, Capgemini Italia CSR Director

Data knowledge and traceability is essential to monitor the environmental performances of a company, digitization ensures the ability to process and compare them in order to plan improvement paths.

Roberto Cavallo, Coop Erica
The Non Financial Reporting Directive has pushed companies to significantly improve the process of collecting, tracking and validating sustainability data and information. We have therefore chosen to rely on ESGeo, a cloud platform that has allowed us to innovate the non-financial reporting process thanks to an effective, intuitive tool that offers a wide range of solutions. The ESGeo Support Team is available, prepared, able to propose and implement customized solutions according to specific business needs.
Domenico Francesco Iermito, Sustainability Senior Specialist

Manage your ESG information

ESGeo is an intuitive platform that enables thousands of sustainability professionals to be in control of their data gathering, reporting, and monitoring tasks. Whether it’s for global institutions looking to improve their accountability or small enterprises steadily growing into sustainability leaders, ESGeo has the tools needed to grow your company’s reputation!


Collect data in a simple and collaborative way

With ESGeo, you can manage responsibilities for Data Collection and monitoring while achieving maximum autonomy with our high-quality workflows. In addition, we give you the power of transparency through records with full traceability.


Advanced features for new goals

With features such as monitoring the correlation between budgetary goals and enterprise targets as well as being able to prepare sustainability reports with little effort on behalf of the user, ESGeo is guaranteed to help promote transparency across your organization’s operations.


360° vision of sustainability

ESGeo is the essential Sustainability Reporting Toolkit. In ESGeo, users will find several different workflows that allow for quick connection of any further needed information or attachments within an integrated environment that guarantees maximum performance while simplifying complex reporting tasks.


Leverage materiality to drive a more effective ESG strategy

Monitoring trends and setting goals is not only effective but also budget-friendly, giving companies a comprehensive, reliable way to make more informed decisions about their material impact.

Build your data-driven strategy on your sustainability

ESGeo collects data from multiple sources (including corporate documents and reports, authorities data, online databases, industry-specific information related to ESG risk and exposures), to help identify ESG risk and opportunities, and measure the business impact of those initiatives.


Simple and clear interfaces for high-efficiency sustainable projects


Workflow modules equip users with the tools they need for an easy, transparent data gathering process. ESGeo also integrates standard requirements into one streamlined workflow – saving you time by collecting reliable information at your fingertips.


ESGeo lets you efficiently manage tasks and responsibilities pertaining to Sustainability reporting. The user has full autonomy over releasing their sustainability reports in any form or style.


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