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Whether a large multinational firm with multiyear reporting history or a business that is creating their first ESG report, we have found ways to help companies simplify their ESG reporting journey!

Learn how the world’s largest commercial cable manufacturer uses ESGeo for their sustainability reporting needs.


See how ESGeo helped set a sustainability strategy at Bally.


ESGeo helps the railways in a unique way to create ESG impact! Learn how!


…and many more!

Active management of non-financial KPIs and direct involvement of corporate management become key variables for the competitiveness and survival of business. ESGeo is the technology platform able to cover the end-to-end process of corporate sustainability.

Fabrizio Fiocchi, ESGeo CEO & Co-Founder

ESG Digital Governance is the new frontier for Corporate Sustainability management. Only an integrated digital system allows the efficient and effective management of a growing set of variables such as ESG data, which makes companies able to be valued by their stakeholders.

Luca Testoni, ETica News Director & Co-Founder

Data knowledge and traceability is essential to monitor the environmental performances of a company, digitization ensures the ability to process and compare them in order to plan improvement paths.

Roberto Cavallo, Coop Erica

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